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Great holiday ideas - Australia

Looking for a great holiday idea for your next trip to Australia?

Why not rent a campervan from Autosleepers and get out and really see this beautiful country. The Autosleepers campervans range from 2 person mini vans up to 6 person luxury vans. All of our vans have been custom built and our 6 berth vans contain luxury features like showers, toilets, cooking facilities, air conditioning and more.

With an Autosleepers campervan your great Australian holiday idea can become a reality. Cruise around the beaches or head inland and check out some of our country regions. Take your time and if you find somewhere that you really like, stop over for a few days and meet the locals.

What are you waiting for? Call Autosleepers today on +61 2 9556 1301 and speak to our friendly staff to start arranging your next holiday.

Australian Campervan Adventure

Looking for an adventure holiday with a difference? Why not consider renting a campervan and heading off to see all of the beautiful spots that Australia has to offer.

You can cruise along the coast, stopping for a surf or a swim at some of our amazing beaches. If you really love a specific beach then why not camp for a few days and really check out the local area.

Our campervans come fully equipped with many of the luxuries of home so you don't have to miss out on any of your favorite things while you are away.

One big recommendation is that you take your time. The adventure of a lifetime should not be rushed.

Rent a mini campervan with a special friend

The way I see it, nothing is more fun than heading away to one of Australia's beautiful beaches or inland forests with a friend in a mini campervan. You can have all of the benefits of the great outdoors with some of the luxuries at home.

These mini campers are lots of fun all year round. They come equipped with sleeping facilities and cooking facilities to make your life that much easier.

Whether your special friend is a romantic interest or just a good mate there are plenty of things that can keep you occupied while you are away.

If you are only looking to get away for a few days then why not check out our last minute campervan deals  to see if there are any mini campers on offer.

Last minute campervan deals

Decided to take a lastminute holiday but not sure what you should do? Why not rent a campervan and head off to some of Australia's beautiful natural attractions.

We have a great range of affordable campervans that are available to rent and quite often we will have a couple of vans that can be taken on lastminute deals.

Autosleepers operate from all capital cities so regardless of whether you are in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth we will have a vehicle to suit.

If you are interested in getting a lastminute deal then call Mark on 1800 226 737 and he will see what he can organise for you.

Rent or Hire an Air Conditioned Campervan or Motorhome

Wanting to get out and enjoy the great Australian countryside with being totally boiled in your tent or caravan?

Why not rent a luxury air conditioned campervan from Autosleepers and do it in style. With an Autosleepers motorhome you can get all of the luxuries of home while enjoying the great outdoors.

Air conditioning isn't the only luxury that our custom built vehicles has to offer. Many of the larger vehicles come complete with toilet and shower facilities, cooking facilities and a working fridge.

Just think about it, you can be sitting back enjoying a glass of chilled champagne in air conditioned comfort while enjoying some of the magnificent views that Australia has to offer.

If you are interested in renting one of our luxury vehicles then give one of our helpful sales people a call in our Sydney office. We will be happy to help you out.

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